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Blocks to scientific advancements: "Is this peer-reviewed?"

"Is this peer-reviewed?"

Allan Savory is a Zimbabwean ecologist, research biologist, livestock farmer, and president and co-founder of the Savory Institute. He originated the Holistic management of agriculture to fight desertification.
While his field of endavour has nothing to do with Counsciousness, Spirituality and the rehabilitation and/or advancement of Human Potential, the "scientific approach" is very much the same in the different scientific fields.

In this short video he shares what he thinks about this approach:

"People talk glibbery about science. What is science? People coming out of a university with a master's degree or a Ph.D., you take them into the field and they literally don't believe anything unless it's a peer-reviewed paper. It's the only thing they accept and you say to them 'But let's observe. Let's think. Let's discuss.' They don't do it. It's just, 'Is it in a peer-reviewed paper or not?' That's their view of science. I think it's pathetic.

Gone into universities as bright young people. They come out of them brain dead, not even knowing what science means. They think it means peer-reviewed papers etc. No that's academia. And if a paper is peer-reviewed it means everybody thought the same therefore they approved it.

An unintended consequence is that when new knowledge emerges, new scientific insights, they can never ever be peer-reviewed. So we're blocking all new advances in science that are big advances. If you look at the breakthroughs in science almost always they don't come from the center of that profession, they come from the fringe. The finest candle makers in the world couldn't even think of electric lights. They don't come from within they often come from outside the bricks. We're going to kill ourselves because of stupidity."

Allan Savory
"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Re: Blocks to scientific advancements: "Is this peer-reviewed?"

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Yes!  What a wonderful old guy.  Reading his Wiki bio is quite illuminating.
Having spent time in Southern Africa and with two of my business partners being raised in S. Rhodesia, I can tell you those guys (of my generation) were raised in a manner that facilitated the intellect . . .  though it must be said that since the 1960’s standards have monstrously slipped.
For you guys paying attention to the COVID propaganda you’ll keep seeing this mantra of “where are, or that there are no, peer review studies proving . . . . “ 
And I so love his comment on the theme of making the distinction between “science” and academia!  I do see too bloody much of what passes as, and what is given a pass, as science when all it is the quoting and citation of others papers . . . but where is the newly discovered knowledge or truths of existence????? Not present, Mate.  Not there!
Boy do I see that in the groups I deal with who tout this stupid “learned” topic of “Consciousness” . . . they all use the term but NONE when tested can actually define it!!
I kid you not!  I have cited and list the link to Deepak Chopra’s group and embarrassment on this earlier on this forum.
By comparison, look at the truly greats of science: Tesla, Faraday, Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler; they personally and individually stood tall to deliver their discoveries . . . no reliance on anyone else, and often in the face of threat from the ignorant who fought to protect their prejudice or power positions.
If you go to the derivation from which the word “science” stems, it is from the Latin word scientia meaning knowledge.
And that is what good, great and true science is all about: the pursuit to gain knowledge of the truths of existence . . . not that other bullshit of studying what others have said about it,


Re: Blocks to scientific advancements: "Is this peer-reviewed?"

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I had a conversation with an Uber driver today about this very thing. What "peer reviewed" means if we all study from the same rhetoric, how do we know what is fact? What if your peer is wrong-mislead-misunderstands. And most recently, the ChatGPT phemonenon/obsession for many - it's already being censored and therefore biased. It also draws from all the rhetoric out there and draws conclusions based on mass thinking - soooooo - cannot be trusted as fact, only as currently popular thinking. 


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