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This post is re-posted from the "old Forum."   The reply I posted below this one is new and very relevant . . .


Our practice group was set up for the purpose of accomplishing what is the headline title of this post.

Our, this, forum exists to provide the facility such that you can educate yourselves on the points of knowledge that you find most important to you.

It was not set up to indoctrinate or insist on what you should know, believe or practice.

Our practice here is not that of a cult or the creation of such.  You'll observe there is no invalidations of those posting and exchanging points of belief or knowledge.  There is no enforcement of what must be believed.

There is only the invitation, by way of either questions asked of an individual or the presentation of more educative knowledge materials, for the members to accept or not as is their sovereign right.

In this context, as you all know, I research and study many, many more subjects and bodies on knowledge than is encompassed by Knowledgism and related spiritual development or spiritual "science" based subjects or practices.

In this context I am linking here a body of knowledge I feel sure many of you will benefit greatly from appreciating.  (In all senses of that word.)

In the last few days I have had some wondrous advances in my spiritual awareness and capacity to perform. 

This morning I was reviewing this Bruce Lipton video below in its entirety, where before I had only view parts of it separately. 

Bruce Lipton is one of my heroes along with Rupert Sheldrake . . . they exhibit the greatness of the best intellect possible.  But to be noted is the point that they began and have practiced their research and knowledge acquisition from a very different position and viewpoint than I did.

Theirs was begun from the position and viewpoint of physical universe science in academia and an analysis and investigation based on physical universe terms of reference as propositioned by "science."  Lipton very beautifully demonstrates this in his video here.

My investigation began from the proposition of investigating what is the basis of our ability to perform and accomplish success in our endeavors . . . this originally as an elite champion athlete.  The outcome of that approach led me to the discovery of the "who" was performing and causing outcomes and to the exactness of the nature and the powers of the "performer" (the individual you and me).

In essence, it could be said that I had a very different basis and approach to the investigation of the subject at hand addressed by Lipton, Sheldrake and myself.

My research was based on and from the position of cause and the causation of "what is" and the outcomes we produce.  In other words I began my studies into who or what is the source of the action of causation.

Other researchers like Lipton and Sheldrake, began from the position of studying what is actually the effects of causation.  They began their work from the position of studying the outcomes and products of causation, not the who/what or how of causation. 

Lipton and Sheldrake began their work as scientists based in the physical mechanical universe sciences that, brilliantly, they were able to rise above and in actuality eventually debunk. 

Hence, for your education and learning in this regard, I now link videos to their wonderful work.

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief Full Lecture

There are many brilliant talks, videos, lectures and written materials here!

In due course, Virginia is likely to get to posting what occurred this morning for her in our chat.  As I said above, I have been having huge, huge gains from my solo processing sessions recently; and this morning, while watching Lipton I had a particular insight that, to me explained Virginia's cancer condition. 

Then, when we next were together in the kitchen for the next cup of coffee, I mentioned my insight . . .

I told her that what I saw and experienced is that cancer is brought about by or as the consequence of spiritual absence from the cell.  That is, a lessened spiritual Life-Force quanta in the cell inhibits, alters or lessens its "respiration" (energy production).  (For you guys who may not know, cancer cells are anaerobic: the don't/can't produce their energy by using oxygen.  They have to ferment sugars.

The change in Virginia was just amazing and awesome to experience!  When she lights up, she lights up! 

And what she had to say as realizations wonderfully explained and demonstrated the accuracy of the datum I conveyed.

The rest I'll leave for her to relate to you.




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Further to the above, I had a rather rude, shocking even insulting awakening during Tuesday's (November 30) webinar, one of my regular Scientific Community webinars.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences had a gig titled "Giving Tuesday" in which all their leading sccience and researcher and executive types let us members know what they are up to while they pitched for donations . . . they are totally funded by donations: no demanding government grants or stuff like that.  IONS is very much outside of the mainstream.

What they are into is pursuing and proving valid the idea that "materialistic science" and the notion that the brain causes you and or "your" or the universal "consciousness" to exist is false.

These science boffins are big into the use of the word "CONSCIOUSNESS" but none can actually define what it is they are actually referring to or researching!!!  I kid you not.

In any event, IONS leading light, and Chief Scientist in charge of research,  Dr. Dean Radin PhD.  His detailed bio is on the internet, but after initial undergrad studies in Wiki's opening data tells us this:
Dean Radin is a parapsychologist. Following a bachelor and master's degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in educational psychology Radin worked at Bell Labs, researched at Princeton University, ...
It also tells us that:
Research interests: Parapsychology, Consciousness . . . 

Well during his presentation he kept talking about "the MIND"  . . . the mind this, and the mind that, causing this and causing that . . .

This being typical of the guru and science types who have NOT actually correctly, if at all, defined the terms they are using nor the references applied to those terms.

His entire pitch was that the "mind" causes stuff to happen, and is somehow the source of the "consciousness" that these guys are studying and trying to understand. 

Of course, it was all glib and going nowhere except in circles on the issue of conveying any understanding to the audience other than the fact that these guys do NOT know the facts of the matter they are trying to convey.  Deepak Chopra is also notorious for this.  He uses the words, mind, heart, consciousness, etc., interchangeably . . .

So, I posed to Dean via the "questions box" provided this question (I write from memory now) . . .
Dean, I see you using the term/word "MIND" but in the context of that it is the causative agent in our existence, rather than referring to our spiritual presence.  This following I extract from a work in progress on my desk right now . . . . and I extracted my definition of "spirit".

Sadly, my question was ignored while his team went on to extract other, later tendered questions, that were of the usual going nowhere drivel of non-comprehensions.


Much misinformation exists on these matters.

A workable and more correct definition of these terms is needed.

SPIRIT:  the CAUSAL and AWARE entity that is the source of all else that is mental and physical. 

As noted in an exchange between my (now deceased) good friend and fellow researcher Alan Walter and I in November, 2006.  We often exchanged research "notes."

The Spiritual Life-Force Presence is senior to and natively controller of all within its purview.
 The word "Spirita" is defined as a quantity of spiritual presence that is not involved in any relationship or activity, and is thus utterly free and pure.

 Tuesday, November 28, 2006 2:25 PM
 To: rb .com.

Dear Rog,
 Thanks for the research material.
 This may be of some help.


 Definition: A Lifeforce Presence is pure Spirita it has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no form, no limitation, no location in space or in time.
 A Lifeforce Presence is infinite in depth, breadth, size and scope.
 A Lifeforce Presence in its purest state is capable of infinite aliveness, infinite powers, infinite duplication, infinite permeation, infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strengths, infinite skills, infinite creation, infinite love, infinite truth, infinite harmony, infinite knowledge, infinite know-how, infinite responsibility, infinite control, infinite experience, infinite exchange and infinite integrity it should be noted that each one of these infinite capabilities also has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no form, no limitation, no location in space or in time.
 A Lifeforce Presence is in a state of oneness with all these capabilities.
 A Lifeforce Presence is senior to all gradient scales and the mechanics of life.
 A Lifeforce Presence has the ability to create and to perceive.
 A Lifeforce Presence is the infinity of Spirita (8) that creates the containers of the becomingness of the Infinity to Zero of Spirit (8 to 0+) - to the Zero to Infinity of Space, Time, Energy and Matter. (-0 to 8) = 8 – 8008.
 Definition: A Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.
 I replied next day:
 New Axiom 1---Something Omitted
 Dear Alan,
 I’ve been chewing on the New Axiom 1, and I do believe we have a very important item omitted. It is:
 A Lifeforce Presence has infinite potential.
 One could use the less familiar noun form, “potentiality.” Good big dictionaries give wonderful expressions of what these concepts are in the context of an attribute of the state of existence of pure Spirita.
 This is a big concept. The stem word, of course is potent. And the original definition of it as an adjective is: that has power; potent. A modern adjective definition is: that can, but has not yet, come into being; possible; latent; unrealized; undeveloped; opposed to actual. The noun definition is: something potential; a potentiality. (These definitions from Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged Second Edition (Simon & Schuster.) A simple noun definition of it from The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, is: The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being.
 I have for the last several months been processing in the area of this state of “ultimate, infinite potential/potentiality” and the what stemmed from it when, as a “Life-Force Presence of infinite potential,” (and interestingly I did use those words to articulate the scenario in session) I and/or we acted to convert the potential to express actual states of Being or conditions of existence, and produced “things”.
 Hence my view that we need to add this concept to complete the full statement of New Axiom 1.

The above is a BIG concept.  It deserves careful assimilation and application.

The research conducted by my team and myself has revealed that the “LIFE-FORCE PRESENCE,” of which you are an element, was initially an all-causing without limit Presence.  But due to conceiving of wrong answers to solve what it did not want to experience, it took itself through a series of erroneous solutions to eventually arrive here, in disunity, trapped as individual parts within the physical universe, and for some individuals, believing they are physical matter not spiritual.

MIND:  The mind is an accumulation of recorded past impacts and experiences along with solutions envisioned to predict and control the future to the benefit of the Spirit.  The mind is composed of formed spiritual Life-Force (parts of you).  The mind is composed of the following: either projected and located spiritually telepathically projected imagery, or scarring as a result of un-experienceable impacts.

The mind appears to have causal capacity only because you, the spiritual presence as source of all, have created in the mind content on automatic response to solve outside stimulus.  But then, typical of our wrong answer solutions, we abandoned awareness of the truth of that creation.

Our great Spiritual error was to conceive of the solution that the mind could and should be at cause over us spiritually and determine conditions of existence and behavior for us.

BODY:  The physical force-field organism used by the Spirit to position itself and orient the physical universe forces and particles to the Spiritual Presence.  The body can be affected by both positive and negative aberrant involuntarily replicated Life-Forces as is stored in the MIND. The body is also affected by Spiritual intent and emanations.

The PHYSICAL UNIVERSE:  the physical universe is the “reality” formed as a result of fusing agreements on telepathically projected imagery and concepts as sourced by Spiritual Life-Force Presences.  In essence it is formed Spiritual Life-Force projections, placed and held in position by agreement.

Academic science has no definition of what energy actually is composed of: that is, what is the stuff of it.  For those literate in spiritual matters it can be observed that the most primal form of energy is projected and directed spiritual Life-Force as applied between spiritual Beings in the spiritual realm.  Energy in the physical universe is a later similar residual complement of and expression of our spiritually emanated Life-Force.

The work by Rupert Sheldrake has demonstrated this as revealed in his dissertations on the finding of experiments testing the proposition that people do sense and experience when they are being stared at or thought of.

In other writings, I will deal with the nature of our Supreme, Ultimate Spiritual Presence in Unity referred to by us as “The Supreme Beings ‘Universe’ also loosely referred to as “The Heavens.” . . . Here was our ultimate truth of existence which, due to wrong answers intended to solve and handle what we did not want to experience, precipitated our decline to our current human condition.

From my note to SMN  10-27-21  on the presentation by ??
This is a brilliant and correct proposition!  At our highest and optimum condition our Spiritual Presence is in a condition of unity, as though one.  Being individuated and separate, considering ourselves to be as physical objects is the aberrated condition we have descended to.

We are on an automatic address to the future, always endeavoring to solve or create what we want there. . . but this endeavor is bedeviled by our hung up old mental wrong answer solutions content.

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Roger E. Boswarva


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